Bitpay and Verifone partnership will allow people to receive and accept Bitcoin as payments at retail stores across the U.S.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming a part of our everyday life. They are not just investment assets. The popularity of Bitcoin has propelled firms to consider its use in the daily life of people.

The majority of people who are investing in BTC or are even slightly aware of it are hoping to use it as a payment medium. 

The latest study reveals that 99% of crypto holders are looking forward to using Bitcoin for payments. The research also brought to light that 59% of non-crypto holders are interested to use Bitcoin for transactions in future.

Verifone Launches Crypto Payments in The U.S.

Major financial firms and payments providers are speeding up their efforts to enable crypto payments on their platforms. Cryptocurrencies are slowly making their way into our everyday life. 

When there is so much going around to adopt crypto in our financial ecosystem, the announcement of Verifone launching crypto payments across the U.S. does come as surprise.

Stephen Pair, CEO of Bitpay made a statement on this collaboration saying Verifone customers are requesting to have crypto payments. This has become the case as there are millions of crypto users today that have blockchain wallets on their phones that they want to leverage.”

Verifone and Bitpay collaboration will allow people to make payments in crypto for their bills. This is possible only in U.S. retail stores that have Verifone point-of-sale pin pads.

With the help of Verifone point-of-sale pin pads, the customers can now select the wallet to scan the QR code and make crypto payments at stores.

Along with in-store pin pads, Verifone has also enabled crypto transactions on Verifone’s eCommerce Cloud Services systems. It’s a great initiative by Verifone and Bitpay as people without Bitpay accounts can also transact in crypto.

All major wallets will be supported, including metamask and Payments will be accepted for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, five other stablecoins, and even Wrapped Bitcoin.

CEO of Verifone, Mike Pulli said We feel that having crypto available on our terminals will open up more options and opportunities for consumers, which is what Verifone aims to do. This opens up a currency that has never before been seen on a terminal and we want to be at the forefront of this trend.”