The NFT card-based game, Splinterlands has crossed 260 thousand daily players on its platform. This makes it the most frequently played blockchain game.

The data released by Dappradar shows that Splinterlands has over 260 thousand daily active users. The daily users’ data surpassed the most popular Defi NFT game Alien World metaverse. The Alien World currently has 250,000 users.

NFT market has soared high in the past few months. The advantage of the rise of the NFT market benefits NFT card-based games like Splinterlands. Since July 2021 Splinterlands is witnessing a boom in its daily users. It was surprising to see that the number of daily players was steadily increasing with each coming day.

With daily 260,000 active users, Splinterlands has become the top crypto game in the world. It’s astounding to see such a rise in the Splinterlands NFT game users even when the current crypto market is trading in the red zone.

Splinterlands is based on Non-fungible token cards. The players on this gaming platform can trade and play using these NFT cards. They also earn a game currency called “Dark energy crystals” through the game’s play-to-earn feature.

Splinterlands growth is in relation to the overall growth of the NFT market. The NFT games are gaining popularity as it gives the gamers opportunity to earn crypto and NFTs. These NFTs can then be traded in the market outside of the game which benefits the users.

The scope to earn cryptocurrency and NFTs adds real value to the blockchain games over the traditional video games.