An excellent documentary combines the real with the bizarre, inspires us to examine our limits and to think about the truth. Cryptocurrency is a unique narrative that falls within that weird, unbounded world of human possibility. Satoshi Nakamoto remains anonymous to this day. Its ideology is innovative and cutting-edge technology appears to realize the future.

Crypto differs significantly from conventional banking institutions and monetary systems by being decentralized, allowing traders direct authority. Due to its unlimited potential and development possibilities, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are increasingly visited.

These 10 films illustrate the various uses of Bitcoin and its short but dramatic journey over some of the years as well as its place in financial systems’ lengthy history.

1. The rise and rise of bitcoin 

Bitcoins Rise and Rise’ shows the events which have generated headlines for the digital currency and offers a closer insight into what filmmakers describe as the ‘biggest economic and social experiment ever undertaken.’

The film is arguably the most popular Bitcoin documentary, having been selected for premieres in April for the official selection at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

The Bitcoin Rise and Rise follows David Mross, computer programmer and lover of Bitcoin. David and his brother found Bitcoin in 2011 and started to produce a documentary to assist others to understand what Bitcoin meant for the world. 

2. Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know it

Satoshi Nakamoto developed money, unlike any other, we have seen in history, with the creation of the blockchain and the Bitcoin Protocol. The untrusted, decentralized character of Bitcoin makes conventional banking institutions and fiat money a tremendous adversary.

Bitcoin: the money end as we know it takes us back through history to track money’s development to where we are now. The documentary takes us through the old civilization, Wall Street, the present money system, and ultimately Bitcoin’s immense potential in the modern world.

3. Banking on Bitcoin

It talks about the origins of the technology and how it played in its early years. You may encounter a familiar face when you read about some of the early crypto players. This documentary helps you to scratch the surface and grasp crypto and blockchain technology’s potential and importance. Banking on Bitcoin recounts the narrative of Bitcoin history from its origins in the nineties of the cipher-punk movement through the white papers of Satoshi Nakamoto.

4. Life on Bitcoin

Bitcoin critics often argue that digital money cannot be used to purchase practical, daily goods in the same manner as cash or credit cards. In July 2013, an ambitious pair went on a 100-day “social experiment” in order only to rely on the digital currency to convince naymen that life on Bitcoin is feasible.

5. Bitcoin in Uganda

An international money transfer procedure may notice one of the most significant advantages of utilizing bitcoin instead of conventional ways of sending and receiving cash.

In contrast to businesses like Western Union and MoneyGram, which demand a heavy fee for their job, it is time to transfer money anywhere in the globe with Bitcoin, and not days.

6. Bitcoin in Argentina

Bitcoin’s independence from any government-issued fiat money is one of the most attractive features. Advocates believe that, in principle, a decentralized currency like bitcoin is an excellent option for people to hold value and combat inflation if a country’s official currency were to fail or become very stable.

7. The bitcoin gospel

As The Rise of Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Gospel is a gathering of selected people in the Bitcoin area, including Roger Ver, an advocate of bitcoin; Marshal Long, one of the first Bitcoin miners; a financial activist, Brett Scott; and a reporter from the Financial Times, Izabella Kaminska. This video offers us a feel of how Bitcoin operates on the ground, its origins, and how it may be a big disruptor in international business — but it also brings out some of the system’s main flaws.

8. This Machine Greens

This movie was produced by Swan Bitcoin, is a documentary on the complex and nuanced link between Bitcoin and energy. The movie is produced by Enrique Posner and directed by prizewinning British director Jamie King, one of Steal This Film Series’s most downloaded documentaries (2006-2010).

9. I am Satoshi

The software, education, and retail sectors are already affected by open source platforms, but the financial industry is still undisturbed. ‘I’m Satoshi’ questions whether Bitcoin, open-source technology, may lead to major changes inside outmoded money, commerce and payment systems.

10. The Bitcoin story Part 1 | Part 2

If you have just half an hour, start with early professionals in the industry here for a Bitcoin 101. Who is Nakamoto Satoshi, and what was in his white paper? What is the function of Bitcoin? How do you mine a digital thing? What are the issues that Bitcoin is attempting to resolve? Who would be a new currency early adopter? Before VC investments in Bitcoin, however, it is wonderful to see the early ideas and enthusiasm about the future.


More and more online firms are starting to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a method of payment, which is naturally having a good impact on people’s acceptance. This is particularly visible in online gaming and casino, where operators have started giving consumers the option of making payments and withdrawals using cryptocurrency.