The first documentary film fully funded with BTC was launched on 14th September 2021. It talks of the energy consumption concerns regarding cryptocurrency. 

The documentary film was released on the Swan Bitcoin Youtube channel. “This Machine Greens: Bitcoin and the Future of Clean Energy” film show the efficient energy consumption by Bitcoin. Directed by Jamie King the film shows how BTC mining opens new possibilities for society.

It is 43 minutes long film produced by Enrique Posner from L9 Goodes, Zack Winer, and Joe Gallagher from The Bitcoin Movie Club. 

The buzz around cryptocurrency raised several concerns among politicians and activists. The concerns as put forward by politicians and mainstream media showed high energy consumption in cryptocurrency. It was allegedly claimed that BTC mining uses the same amount of energy as that of small countries.

To counter these negative points a documentary film was launched. The film talks about the BTC working algorithm of “Proof of Work”. This algorithm employs a more efficient use of energy. While addressing the issue of energy consumption, it also mentions the contribution of BTC towards “zero-carbon” emission. 

This Machine Greens in a press release said that they received the BTC funding through crowdsourced. Other than its youtube channel the film is available on its official website –

The production team of This Machine Greens is looking forward to their next film “Trust”. They are currently accepting donations for the same.

A BTC funded film can receive funds from anywhere across the globe. It does not need permission from any central authority. Thus it is not bound to be influenced by any individual or institution. This adds to the independent nature of the film and keeps its creative ambitions intact.

Watch the video on YouTube :