Cryptocurrency is the hottest investment right now. It has taken the financial world and is set to rule it in near future. 

The growing popularity of crypto has urged people to jump into investing lumps of money in it. Though crypto investment is profitable, investing without basic crypto knowledge is not wise.

Many new crypto investors lose money due to a lack of research and knowledge in the field. You must have the ability to analyze the market, charts, trends and foresee the future to earn profits.

Only farsighted people with crypto market knowledge can benefit from their investments. Otherwise, you will end up losing money. 

The most important thing in crypto research is reliable tools and sources. These handy tools and websites offer you ample crypto information, the latest news, predictions and market analysis. All these together help you to make better investment decisions.

Best 7 Crypto websites you can’t miss

Whether you are a pro-crypto investor or a beginner, you will surely need these tools to get valuable market insights.

Here are the top 7 crypto research websites that will refine your crypto understanding.


Coinmarketcap is the best website that helps you to track all current crypto prices, 24 hours and 7 days percentage change in the value. 

Moreover, you can also view the market cap, current supply volume, ROI, all-time high and lows of each cryptocurrency. In addition, the website also provides the global crypto market cap data.

Coinmarketcap is one such website that you can trust to track the performance of cryptocurrencies.


Running after verified crypto news gets hectic when you have hundreds of news websites. You explore and look for several websites just to catch up with upcoming crypto projects, announcements or news.  

However, there is one such crypto website that acts as the aggregator of all crypto news websites. Crypto Panic is a one-stop destination for all crypto latest developments, news and information.

Once you follow Crypto Panic, you need not waste time exploring other websites. Save your time and get relevant and verified crypto world news.

Bitcoin Explorer

Bitcoin explorer helps you to track live Bitcoin and ETH transactions. You can view the live blocks on the Blockchain getting updated every 10 minutes. The receivers and senders unique addresses and the volume of transactions made are also available on the website.

Moreover, you can find the current status of your Bitcoin transaction through your transaction id or address. All you need to do is to paste the id or the address of the individual transaction on the search bar. The search bar is at the top of the page.


The Trading View is for bitcoin traders to view market charts, analytics, and research to get valuable insights. They are one of the most comprehensive charting companies, with far more technical indicators than you can ever require.

Tradingview is a massive corporation that provides live trading charts for both cryptocurrency and stocks. They offer both free and premium features. Tradingview is the primary bitcoin charting tool used by all of the greatest traders.


We all have faced such mind blogging situations when the technicality of the crypto blew our minds out. Bitcoins can get complex and hard to understand for most people.

Most of the websites fail to explain bitcoin and its working mechanism in layman’s terms. For a non-tech person the world of crypto, blockchain, Bitcoin mining, and Blockchain consensus can get heavy. is one such website that translates Bitcoin and crypto concepts into plain English. For crypto beginners, it is a great website to learn and clear your basic concepts. 

They also have a YouTube channel where they explain Bitcoin in a very easy to understand and simple way.


Glassnode is a data and intelligence platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that provides a wealth of measurements and insights. Glassnode may be used to unchain market indications for any cryptocurrency. The programme also gives data to assist you in analysing the inflow and outflow of various coins.

By looking at the amount of new and active addresses, you can get a sense of what’s going on in the crypto market. The Glassnode platform is free to use. However, you will need to upgrade to the premium version for more advanced features.


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