Witness the iconic 22nd edition of the World Blockchain Summit in the crypto-friendly capital of UAE, Dubai.

Cryptocurrency is taking the whole world in its grasp. It is taking the world into a decentralized, transparent and more secure financial system. 

What started as a mere worthless digital currency – Bitcoin, is now worth billions. Bitcoin started the crypto era which slowly witnessed the emergence of over 5000 altcoins and stable coins. 

Moreover, the acceptance of blockchain worldwide in every sector also pushed the development of defi, dApps, and NFTs. The collective efforts of cryptocurrency, NFTs and blockchain accelerated the development of Metaverse.

A mere concept in non-fiction novels and movies is slowly becoming a reality. The focus on building advanced Metaverse and Web 3.0 will push the crypto market to new heights of success.

With so much going on in the crypto space, we need to have a unified approach to collaborate and contribute to building the community. Witnessing a demand for bringing together the pioneers and innovators of the crypto space, Trescon is organising the biggest World Blockchain Summit.

The World Blockchain Summit will be held on 23rd and 24th March 2022 at the Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai. Cryptohodly as a media partner of WBS is looking forward how the event envisions reimaging the future of decentralized finances with crypto and blockchain technology. With Pitch competitions and investor dinner, the event will formally start from 22nd March itself.

The Pitch competition can be your way to win $1 million and boost your business. WBS pitch competition on 22nd March will declare a regional winner of the Startup World Cup. The declared winner startup company will advance to the next step in San Fransico to compete with 30 other contestants.  

WBS Dubai has been the most influential summit in the crypto space since 2017. In the new normal the summit is back to being the iconic in-person event.

For more information about WBS Dubai, visit World Blockchain Summit – Dubai, https://tresconglobal.com/conferences/blockchain/dubai

The World Blockchain Summit schedule is as follows:

  • Pitch Competition – 22nd March
  • Investor Gala Dinner – 22nd March
  • Conference Exhibition Investor Connect – 23rd March
  • After Party – 23rd March
  • Conference Exhibition Investor Connect – 24th March

The summit will focus primarily on the potential of Blockchain, Crypto, Metaverse, NFTs and Web 3.0. The conference will analyze its effects on existing financial systems, culture, industries and people’s mindsets.

For entrepreneurs, investors, governments, developers, industry enthusiasts, and global media, WBS Dubai offers an unrivalled networking opportunity. The summit envisions creating a global network of crypto investors and influencers. 

WBS extends the opportunity to the blockchain community to meet the former Mena’s investors, interact with big personalities in the blockchain industry and learn from the pioneers. The entrepreneurs have the golden chance to pitch their business as well as decode the success stories of leading crypto projects.

Dubai serves as the best platform to host the WBS. In the Middle East, Dubai has always welcomed crypto and blockchain technology with open hands. The government is on the lookout to adopt blockchain technology to simplify its governance system. The governing bodies are actively working to promote the adoption of crypto and decentralized technology in their region. 

The launch of the DMCC Crypto centre supports over 100 crypto companies in their operations. Recently the city also opened free economic zones and signed a deal with SCA to facilitate companies to list, trade and issue cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the DAFZA agreement with SCA has contributed to enhancing the crypto and blockchain strategy of Dubai and the entire UAE.

With investor connect conferences, BlocKonnect programs, product showcase campaigns and enlightening sessions, WBS will help the crypto and blockchain community achieve a milestone. WBS brings together the brightest minds to inspire the crypto community.